Baby Steps (or Hello, World!)

I confess: this isn’t the first time I’ve built a website or run a blog–ambition always seems to belong to a younger me, though persistence and determination are hallmarks of an older, less idealistic, more cynical me. A me who knows the road to publication is long and arduous, and never the goal. The goal is to tell a good yarn; everything else is secondary.

I’ll chronicle my journey here, though, if you don’t mind. Add my voice to the already deafening cacophony. Maybe I’ll learn something from it, and if I have something to learn, I reckon you (disembodied Reader) do, too.

Onward, then!

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  1. Have been following you, your words back from orkut days, through dwl, probably blogspot. Then missingslate I caught upto recently, I think there is a page where all your stuff for the site is listed. Khair, now you have a site, good. Hope for better things, in sha Allah.

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